Saturday, 19 November 2011

Memory of 2011

Me & Afifah during 'Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik & Sahsiah(AKAS) 2011'

The Crew of Pre-Success(too bad at this time, I was not included in this photo but count me in) xP
Our target!!(insyallah)
During 'Hari Murabbi' at Islah's Hall.
Cake for muallimahs...

Cake for muallims during Jamuan Akhir Tahun ^^

                                Will put the rest later...

Friday, 18 November 2011

A Wee Letter For My Beloved Friends

I just copy && paste this from my FB to my blog. Hope you dont mind. Ha3(evil laugh) ^^

Suma org nmpk berlumba2 upload gmbr dlm fb..But I think I'm the first to give a special speech for all of you right(obses dgn tmpt pertama xD)? Well here it is:

My dear lovely friends,

My heart has a little brass box full of flowers petals...
Each petal is a memory of 'you'..
and the laughter we've shared together is a sunburst,
shining down on all that makes life truly
worth living...

There is nothing better than having you all as
my very best friends to share each day with!
Thank you for making my day brighter and
always being my shoulder to cry on.
Friends like you all are special hugs from God.

"Teman yg sejati akn menguatkn kita dgn doanya,
memberkati kita dgn cintanya,
mmberikn kita semangat dgn harapnnya ~ ♥


Ermm..w/pun x tmt lg skolah, anggaplh ana org prtama yg ucapkan 'special wishes' utk hmpa suma ^^ --Ana minx maaf dr hujung rambut hgga hujung jr kuku jk ada salah silap(yg mgguris perasaan)..That's all..see you all tmrrw(or next year biiznillah)--thx


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Its.....Cooking Time! ♥

Before cooking....

Cooking gangster or cooking monster?? xD

pegi seranGGA perosAK MAKANAN..klau tidak eden sPRAY GAS..hehe<<---Quote by Anis Rufaida xD
After cooking(the result is.....)
Fried Spagethi w/ strawberry milkshake(look at those adorable strawberry) from our group(Mlmh Che Mahani)
Sizling Noodles w/ Fried Kebab(I think) from group Mlmh Durah
Fried Spagethi w/ hot lemon tea + smoothies from group Mlmh Aini
Cocktail w/ fried spagethi (also xD) from group Mlmh Asyikin

Oatty Fried Chicken

Fried rice w/fried chicken w/ syrup + juice from group Mlmh Manisah
Actually, we had already given a theme for this competitition and its was a 'fried' cooked theme. Everything were turn out as good as its look eventho some of the group were having problem at first(actually it was our group coz we need to wait for about half hour to wait for our 'kuali' to come so that we can cook xD)

Well, thats all I think and oh thanks to our camerawomen, Aida and Aisyah for the beauty picture =D