Saturday, 31 December 2011

Holiday @ Thailand

So, another holiday trip this year ehh?? Alhamdulillah! At first, the trip is going to be on 19/12 but for some reasons, we made it 2 days earlier than the scheduled..Enjoy the pic ^^

1st day in Hat Yai, Thailand- 17/12/11

Heading to our hotel...

The Florida Hotel, Hat Yai.


Last day in Hat Yai..


Our hotel in Krabi, City Hotel (located in front of night market)

Heading to Ao Nang Beach by using tuk-tuk(bigger version xD)..

Woot-woot, ready for island hoping.

Taking place in the boat...

Da speed boat..

First Island...*forgot its name xD


Can you see the 'chicken' shaped rock? That is what they called the island. The Chicken Island..

4 big family ^^

"Look what I've found. A sea cucumber!"- Me xD

Owh, cutie-cutie sea cucumber <3

At Monkey Island

Having a splendid hour here...

Let us snorkelling..Weee...!

Cute baby elephant show..
Elephant trekking.

-End of the picture- Till then, salam from 'The Cove'  C'ya

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Memory of 2011

Me & Afifah during 'Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik & Sahsiah(AKAS) 2011'

The Crew of Pre-Success(too bad at this time, I was not included in this photo but count me in) xP
Our target!!(insyallah)
During 'Hari Murabbi' at Islah's Hall.
Cake for muallimahs...

Cake for muallims during Jamuan Akhir Tahun ^^

                                Will put the rest later...

Friday, 18 November 2011

A Wee Letter For My Beloved Friends

I just copy && paste this from my FB to my blog. Hope you dont mind. Ha3(evil laugh) ^^

Suma org nmpk berlumba2 upload gmbr dlm fb..But I think I'm the first to give a special speech for all of you right(obses dgn tmpt pertama xD)? Well here it is:

My dear lovely friends,

My heart has a little brass box full of flowers petals...
Each petal is a memory of 'you'..
and the laughter we've shared together is a sunburst,
shining down on all that makes life truly
worth living...

There is nothing better than having you all as
my very best friends to share each day with!
Thank you for making my day brighter and
always being my shoulder to cry on.
Friends like you all are special hugs from God.

"Teman yg sejati akn menguatkn kita dgn doanya,
memberkati kita dgn cintanya,
mmberikn kita semangat dgn harapnnya ~ ♥


Ermm..w/pun x tmt lg skolah, anggaplh ana org prtama yg ucapkan 'special wishes' utk hmpa suma ^^ --Ana minx maaf dr hujung rambut hgga hujung jr kuku jk ada salah silap(yg mgguris perasaan)..That's all..see you all tmrrw(or next year biiznillah)--thx


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Its.....Cooking Time! ♥

Before cooking....

Cooking gangster or cooking monster?? xD

pegi seranGGA perosAK MAKANAN..klau tidak eden sPRAY GAS..hehe<<---Quote by Anis Rufaida xD
After cooking(the result is.....)
Fried Spagethi w/ strawberry milkshake(look at those adorable strawberry) from our group(Mlmh Che Mahani)
Sizling Noodles w/ Fried Kebab(I think) from group Mlmh Durah
Fried Spagethi w/ hot lemon tea + smoothies from group Mlmh Aini
Cocktail w/ fried spagethi (also xD) from group Mlmh Asyikin

Oatty Fried Chicken

Fried rice w/fried chicken w/ syrup + juice from group Mlmh Manisah
Actually, we had already given a theme for this competitition and its was a 'fried' cooked theme. Everything were turn out as good as its look eventho some of the group were having problem at first(actually it was our group coz we need to wait for about half hour to wait for our 'kuali' to come so that we can cook xD)

Well, thats all I think and oh thanks to our camerawomen, Aida and Aisyah for the beauty picture =D

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Uncertain Future

I kept wondering the same things over and over again lately. I had always thought of the uncertain life that I had always think since I'm a child. Yes, I longs to study abroad, travels around the world and having the masterpiece in my life. Why would it not stop thinking? I definitely know it would be different from the life that I had have in Malaysia where life is easier to go through. It must be much harder. But I kept thinking about it. When I think about frightening things that might happen outside, some happy pictures pop out from my heads, I might get a lot of new friends that comes from various places, having experiences that nobody ever experiences it, I thought being a grown-up girl is such a complicated processes. But then I gathered my strength and tried to remember the Hadith that I always kept in my soul:

From Abu Yahya Suhaib bin Sinan said: Messenger of Allah said which means, "It was good fortune for those who believe in all of them benefit. And there is no better reward like this, except for those who believe. When an enjoyment, he would be grateful, but gratitude is good for him. And when it afflicted patient, the patient was well for him. "(Hadith narrated by Muslim)

Malay Version:

Daripada Abi Yahya Shuhaib bin Sinan berkata: Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud, “Sungguh baik nasib orang yang beriman kerana dalam semua keadaan mereka mendapat kebaikan. Dan tidak ada habuan baik seperti ini kecuali bagi mereka yang beriman. Apabila mendapat kesenangan maka ia akan bersyukur, maka syukur itu baik baginya. Dan apabila ditimpa musibah maka ia bersabar, maka sabar itu baik baginya.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim)

I wonder if my dream would come true? The dream of being happy together as a family no matter where we are and whatever tests that we have to go through.

No one know how the future would turn out to be. It might turned to be as you expected or the other way round. You just do not know for certain.

-Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir
(Ya Tuhanku, Mudahkanlah & Jgn Susahkn) =D

Enjoy the video, I believe by Irfan Makki

Friday, 2 September 2011

The sky is cryin',are you?

“Why can’t I cry?” I said to myself on the sajadah, longing for those tiny droplets to run free from my eyes. But it seems impossible to do so, just impossible. I’ve tried but it’s still not working.

“Why? Why it is so hard?” I stood up from where I sat and went to the mirror to see myself. Through the reflection of the mirror I see the body Allah has borrowed for me. I tried again crying in front of the mirror wanting to witness myself crying. But no. No physical change. No sad face. No heart pumping hard. No nothing. Just my old stiff face full of ignorance. 15 years of ignorance? Maybe. It freaks me out becoming the owner of a dark rusty heart.

Why am I craving so much for just crying? Isn’t crying a sign of weakness? Because only women cry and men don’t? If men cry they are not macho anymore? No no no!
I have a strong desire to cry because crying makes me strong.

Crying is a symbol of weakness?

Everyone has the experience of crying, even the most stone hearted thugs in the world have experienced crying; at least when they were babies, because crying is a gift from Allah for all.

You may retort to me, ‘That guy have not cried all his life’, well I’ll tell you, only abnormal people do not cry. I assure you that every doctor will feel strange if a new born baby have no ability to cry and try their best to make the baby cry. This is because crying is not only limited to feeling sad, but it has a strong relation to the feeling of happy and relief as well. If a baby only cries when feeling sad, that baby is not normal.

Many people claim that crying is a “sign of weakness” or “only women cries” or “men do not” or “childish”. That’s why men will control their emotional state so that they will not look “weak” as they say. How do I know? Because I am a man. As if, when a man cries, people will see a sign of “I am weak. Don’t go near me” or  I’m a woman” or “I’m a little kid” on that persons head. Bear in mind, men are also humans who are created by Allah who; after sharing their problems with someone, will feel peace and relief at heart. So, if a guy cries, that’s not what we call weakness but, to me, as a guy, I will feel relief because if not, I’ll feel bombarded with problems, if I don’t cry, at least I my eyes will be brimming with tears after a nice long pep talk.

Allah has talk about significance of crying many times in the Quran. Allah actually loves those who cry for the sake of Him:
And they fall upon their faces weeping, and the Qur’an increases them in humble submission” al-Isra’: 109.

Crying also is stated in hadith as those who cry for the sake of Allah is guaranteed paradise:
Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, “Seven (people) will be shaded by Allah by His Shade on the Day of Resurrection when there will be no shade except His Shade. (They will be), a just ruler, a young man who has been brought up in the worship of Allah, a man who remembers Allah in seclusion and his eyes are then flooded with tears, a man whose heart is attached to mosques (offers his compulsory congregational prayers in the mosque), two men who love each other for Allah’s Sake, a man who is called by a charming lady of noble birth to commit illegal sexual intercourse with her, and he says, ‘I am afraid of Allah,’ and (finally), a man who gives in charity so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given.”[2]

It is so easy to enter Jannah! Just shed your tears only for Allah!

Crying is a form of cure

The goal of your life is not crying but to attain blessings from Allah. We don’t live to cry but we cry to achieve our ultimate goal. So by crying we will feel a spiritual relief in us.

Other than that crying is also a form of medication. It has its own medical qualities for us to prosper. By crying, not only our sick heart will be cured, diseases related to eyes can also be prevented.

You might wonder what fact proves the theory of crying is a form of cure. Well I’ll share you one. According to the research done by Dr. William Frey; the author of Crying: The Mystery of Tears (Harper & Row), he claims that “Weeping is the body’s response to overload of stress related chemicals and actually helps eliminate toxins.” If we refrain ourselves from crying when the situation needs us to cry, then, we are opening doors for sickness to take control of our body.

He reported to then the NEWS, “The University of Minnesota Psychiatrist and Chemist have found that tears contain hormones related to emotional upset and pain relief. They are known to be released known to be released from the pituitary gland during stress.”
And my advice is what he once said “We should use crying to make us better able to deal with the stress in our environment.”

I may not be a doctor nor a person majoring in allied health (because my major is English :p) but that will not stop me from conveying the truth.

How to cry?

As Muslims we are actually asked to fear Allah. And the side effects of fearing Allah are like crying, our hearts tremble etc.  Fearing Allah is not the same as we afraid of ghosts. When we are afraid of ghosts we tend to go away from these (terrifying? not so la) creatures, but when we fear Allah, we are actually going near to Him. Afraid of the dark is normal in our lives, because the mass media plays an important role in doing so, but do we really fear Allah? That’s the question we need to answer.

They prophet Muhammad PBUH can easily broke into tears:
‘Abdullah (b. Mas’ud) reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon (him) asked me to recite the Qur’an. He said: Messenger of Allah, (how) should I recite to you whereas it has been sent down to you? He (the Holy Prophet) said: I desire to hear it from someone else. So I recited Surat al-Nisa’ till I reached the verse: How then shall it be when We shall bring from every people a witness and bring you against them as a witness?” (verse 41). I lifted my head or a person touched me in my side, and so I lifted my head and saw his tears falling (from the Holy Prophet’s eyes).[3]

Even the prophet who was guaranteed Jannah when hears verses of Allah, he will cry.

So how to cry then?

There once a time when a person asked my Xifu, Cikgu Azmi Bahari or known as Abu Umar, on how to cry. Abu Umar seems very easy to shed tears. So Abu Umar answered back, not in the exact wordings, he said that it may be difficult for starters. But as we increase our Iman (faith) and Taqwa (Fear of Allah) gradually, and penetrate our heart slowly, we will cry. In order for us to cry for the sake of Allah is; it actually goes parallel with our Iman and Taqwa. We don’t try to increase, and then our cry is nothing. If our intention is not clear only for Allah, then our cry is not sincere.

Try to let it all go

I am a sentimental person. So when I am in the mood of something I’ll write a poem or short story. So I’ll share with you a time when I wanted to cry so badly but I couldn’t, I just literally can’t. I don’t know why. And I’m so jealous of my friend Abdul Qowy who once said to me “My emotional state is like the sky, whenever it rains, I’ll cry, whenever it is cloudy, I’ll feel gloomy. And whenever it shines, I feel so happy. I just don’t know why I am like that.”

The moment he said that to me one day, you know what I said in my heart, “Rain, storm or shine, I’ll just be the same old guy. Crying is so hard for me. Huh.”

The Sky is crying, are you?

As I gaze towards the sky,
it makes me wonder why,
why is the sky turning cloudy?
Is the sky feeling gloomy?

“Oh, it is raining outside” says my little heart,
“Again?” As the rain starts to depart,
trillions of tiny droplets of water,
dashing through the atmosphere,
colliding fiercely onto the terrain,
making typical sounds of the rain.

It has been raining for days,
“Why it has to rain?” my heart says,
my days are filled with water,
if not a drizzle, it may be a downpour or even a thunder.

Scary isn’t it when it rains?
Deaths occurs more than usual,
accidents happen due to slippery roads,
people are not happy as toads,
they say “Rain rain, go away”,
“come back in another day.”

We forgot to start thinking,
the sky is actually crying,
we think we are too good to be true,
we forgot to implement Surah Al-Baqarah: 82,
we fulfilled our lives with laughs and sins,
transgressing bounds with defiant grins.

But this world is full of signs,
from the moon and the skies,
from the bees and the bugs,
makes it need to look up,
and question what’s up.

“Why you deal with this stuff?!”,
“When your spirits a quest!”,
but like thunder this question struck,
all the signs that were sent,
they finally make sense,
you feel the torment,
so you need to repent,
but your heart is cement.

So cry! Soften your heart!
Cry in your tahajjud! Cry for Allah!
Make the repentance your start!

Let it all go because after every rainfall must come a rainbow. Don’t hold back! Let your feelings run through your tears. Insya Allah, He will be your cure!

Conclusion: Let us cry!

Tears can afflict different impacts on people. People are sometimes weakened and strengthen due to weeping. We feel week because the reason we cry is not because of Allah. But if the sole reason we broke into tears is Allah, then I can assure you your tears are tears of strength. It creates a strong drive in your heart.

Well, let us shed our tears only for Allah. Melt down all your egos and make that cry.
We are fortunate to have crying a sunnah and at the same time good for our spiritual and physical health.
Other people cry only for health and not accepted as a good deed.

But remember; don’t cry because your boyfriend left you, but because Allah loves you!

By Hilal Asyraf ©

Friday, 19 August 2011

Pentingnya Solat....

Satu perkara yang harus benar-benar ditanamkan dalam hati kita adalah bahawa sebagai seorang muslim Solat Adalah Wajib dan Meninggalkan Solat Adalah Dosa Besar. Selama akal masih berfungsi, tidak dibenarkan untuk meninggalkan solat. Kalau hati sudah selalu tertanam perasaan itu insyaallah solat tetap jadi paling utama melebihi yang lain.

Kdg2, iman itu naik dan turun, dan jika sedang saat menurun demikian, ingatlah mati..,
ketika tangan tangan para kekasih menurunkan tubuh kita kedalam lahad dengan airmata kesedihan, setelah itu kita sendiri disana, dalam kesempitan dan kegelapan,
sendiri.. bukan sebulan atau dua bulan, tapi blh jd ratusan tahun atau ribuan tahun sendirian..

tak blh nak luahkan dgn sapa2..., tak dpt nk berhubungan dgn siapapun.., tak blh nk bergerak kemana mana..., tak ada pemandangan, tak ada warna, yg ada hanya kegelapan dan kegelapan.., menunggu dan menunggu.. ribuan tahun.. sendirian..

yg ditunggu adalah sidang akbar pertanggungan jawaban.. harap harap cemas diselingi putus asa dan penyesalan.. itulah yg terus menghantui kita kelak..

ketika mengingati ini maka leburlah segala kekerasan hati, iapun mencair, dan jiwa terpanggil untuk sujud sambil menangis, mengadu pada Allah jika ingat akan hal itu kerana hanya Dialah yg melihat keadaan kita saat itu..

Hanya Dialah yg ada saat itu.. untuk inilah kita ibadah dan berusaha setia pada Nya.. agar Allah SWT tak melupakan kita saat itu dan mengasihani kita yg telah terbujur kaku didalam tanah lembab ribuan tahun...sama2 kita muhasabah diri...


disela-sela berjualan ketika azan berkumandang

mengharungi ais? tetap tidak lupa pd Solat...

 biarpun salju yg dingin...tetapi lbh dingin lg hatinya...

 mengutamakan berjamaah dalam Solat...

 walau pun kiblat tidak pasti, yg penting adalah niatnya...

 ni hanya pertandingan, ada yg lebih penting, iaitu Solat...

di mana tempat tidak tersedia, pagar pun jd sasaran sejadah...

 bersihkan diri, bersihkan hati..biarpun sgt sejuk...

 Kewajipan atas segalanya...

 berjamaah lebih utama, jgn pedulikn org...

 tidak perlu tempat yg datar..

 di mana pun boleh, asal niatnya...

 biarpun kelihatan kasar, tp tidak mahu ketinggalp dilaksanakan, kewajipan tetap dilaksanakan.

 di atas keretapi...
Jangan sesekali mengabaikan waktu solat kerana solat itu merupakan tiang agama. Tidak solat bermakna merobohkan agama sendiri. Solatlah di mana jua kita berada & amalkan solat di awal waktu. Peringatan utk diri sendiri & sahabat2 fillah..

"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jika kamu menolong (agama) ALLAH, nescaya DIA akan menolongmu dan meneguhkan kedudukanmu"
-(QS. Surah Muhammad, : 7)

Inilah salah satu tanda kebesaran Allah, andai kita benar-benar menjaga hak-hakNya.. InsyaAllah, apabila kita menjaga hak-hakNya, akan datang tanpa diduga, hak-hak untuk antara manusia akan turut terjaga..sama-samalah kita bermuhasabah diri, adakah kita benar-benar menjaga dan menunaikan amanah yang Allah berikan kepada kita..