Saturday, 31 December 2011

Holiday @ Thailand

So, another holiday trip this year ehh?? Alhamdulillah! At first, the trip is going to be on 19/12 but for some reasons, we made it 2 days earlier than the scheduled..Enjoy the pic ^^

1st day in Hat Yai, Thailand- 17/12/11

Heading to our hotel...

The Florida Hotel, Hat Yai.


Last day in Hat Yai..


Our hotel in Krabi, City Hotel (located in front of night market)

Heading to Ao Nang Beach by using tuk-tuk(bigger version xD)..

Woot-woot, ready for island hoping.

Taking place in the boat...

Da speed boat..

First Island...*forgot its name xD


Can you see the 'chicken' shaped rock? That is what they called the island. The Chicken Island..

4 big family ^^

"Look what I've found. A sea cucumber!"- Me xD

Owh, cutie-cutie sea cucumber <3

At Monkey Island

Having a splendid hour here...

Let us snorkelling..Weee...!

Cute baby elephant show..
Elephant trekking.

-End of the picture- Till then, salam from 'The Cove'  C'ya


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